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Ektron Synergy – Always a Great Event

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Ektron Synergy – Always a Great Event

I always look forward to attending the Ektron Synergy Conference. This year’s conference held earlier this month in Boston certainly did not disappoint. It is a well managed conference with strong attendance and an atmosphere that is casual and family-like. Yes, family-like! I believe it is partly due to the size, the long-term partners who attend and the Ektron team.


The conference followed three tracks: Innovation, Marketing and Developer. I followed the Innovation track which included some very good case studies of Ektron CMS implementations, such as by Johnson Controls, Jazz Aviation, Author Solutions, Wolters Kluwer and Walmart for their intranet site.

Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute gave a great keynote on the “Power of Epic Content”. Monica Wright of Search Engine Land was on the panel and provided insightful commentary on the importance of content. Content is today’s word of the day. It was worth attending the conference just to hear what these industry influencers had to say.

The session called, “Igniting Inbound Marketing Engine: Why 10% of your Website Matters Most” was also very interesting. David Aponovich of Forrester Research made a great point that the title is a bit misleading. He stated that the 10% referred to in the title could actually differ 10% for each site visitor and should not be a flat 10% overall. This reset the direction of the session.

As an Ektron partner for more than 7 years, Globalization Partners International (GPI) has a deep understanding of the Ektron CMS. We assist clients and interactive agencies in their early planning phase to ensure that best practices are followed in the initial website development and include multilingual capability. This guarantees that when the site is ready to be localized, the localization workflow is executed smoothly. GPI has a team of certified Ektron developers on staff to assist clients in this process. They also support and maintain our Ektron translations services connector which is available to GPI clients for free. Our Ektron connector allows clients to easily perform the export and import functions with a few clicks of a mouse to eliminate the manual tasks.

This complements the overall service offering GPI provides our clients for website development, website localization and Global SEO services for our clients with digital needs.

I enjoyed seeing and meeting many of the folks that attended the Ektron Synergy conference this year. If we did not have a chance to meet or if you have questions about website localization, please feel free to contact me at

I am looking forward to the next Ektron Synergy conference!