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Cairo Translation Services

Cairo, Egypt has a population of approximately 9 million people and is the most populous city in Egypt and the Middle East. The Egyptian capital city is one of the most culturally diverse cities, as it witnessed many different historical eras throughout the ages. Many ancient and modern monuments are located in Cairo, including Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic monuments. Cairo’s geographical location has made it the home of headquarters of many regional and international organizations, such as the League of Arab States, and the regional offices of the World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Telecommunication Union, United Nations Population Fund, and the United Nations Women.

Cairo, like other Egyptian cities, is an attractive region for foreign investors. The Egyptian government supports foreign investments in Egyptian cities, including Cairo, to boost the economic growth. There is a focus on economic diversification in tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture.

After many years of providing translation services in the region, GPI opened its Middle East and Africa headquarters in Cairo, Egypt in order to support its clients doing business in this region.

Cairo Arabic Translation Services:

Translation Companies in Cairo

If you are looking for a translation company in Cairo, it is important to consider the translation company’s experience in the Arabic market, diversity of subject matters, portfolio of clients, translation tools they use, and the translation best practices and quality control processes that they follow. Your goal is to receive Arabic translations that are cost-effective, consistent, and culturally correct.

Through GPI’s office in Cairo, we provide translation services for websites, software, documents, audio/video, and social content helping clients throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Hotels, marketing agencies, software houses, interactive agencies, governments, NGOs, fintech, law firms, and consumer product companies have all come to rely on GPI’s translation services in the region to help them communicate in a multitude of languages.

Translators and Interpreters in Cairo

In Cairo, there are dozens of universities and institutes specialized in the field of translation. These renowned universities and institutes provide a plethora of translation talent with excellent educations and preparation for careers as translators and interpreters. GPI continuously recruits and tests translators and interpreters across a wide range of disciplines to serve on GPI’s translation teams helping clients in the region communicate in any language and for any locale. GPI’s translators and interpreters are native-speaking, professionally certified language experts.

Website Translation in Cairo

While the official language of Egypt is Arabic, many other languages are spoken and used routinely on websites to conduct business and efficiently communicate with investors and tourists. During the past few years, Egyptian companies and government entities in Egypt launched multilingual websites in several languages including English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese.

GPI’s translation office in Cairo provides comprehensive website globalization services for all the languages used in Egypt and the Middle East markets, as well as across the EMEA region. Many websites for businesses including hotels, manufacturers, shipping companies, tourism organizations, NGOs and regional and international organizations offices can be found in several languages including Arabic and English.

Experienced Professional Translator Cairo

To receive professional translation services in Cairo, you may contact Globalization Partners International at:

Cairo Translation Office

21 Ramses Street Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +2 0100 299 0810