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Italian Translation Agencies

Translation is a growing industry with new translation agencies constantly arriving on the scene. Each translation agency is different with its own language and technology strengths. For example, a translation agency may or may not offer Italian translation, depending on its business model. Even Italian translation agencies differ from one another, with some choosing to supplement Italian translation services with Italian internationalization, localization, desktop publishing, testing, and globalization consulting services.

Italian Translation

Italian translation agencies provide translations for a wide spectrum of industries, including finance, life sciences, legal, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, information technology, and more. Many Italian translation companies provide translation services for three basic media: software and associated components, Web sites, and documentation.

Italian Internationalization

Italian Internationalization (I18n) is the process of enabling back-end technologies to function or support Italian.

Italian Localization

Localization deals primarily with the front-end or linguistic and cosmetic aspects of a software application or Web site, including locale-specific content, cultural correctness, translations, and design. Italian translation agencies can adapt a product for Italy by localizing it specifically for those areas.

Italian Desktop Publishing

Italian document translation refers to the translation of printed materials such as user guides, medical inserts, financial information, and more. Italian translation agencies that provide this service are also likely to provide Italian desktop publishing, which involves maintaining the formatting specifications of the source documents.

Italian Testing

In order to ensure your localized Italian Web site or software application is fully functional and completely adapted to target users, an Italian translation agency must use experienced Italian testers and follow a thorough test plan.

Italian Globalization Consulting Services

Some Italian translation agencies choose to offer globalization consulting services, which provide consultation and education in areas such as site promotion, target markets analysis, cultural correctness analysis, and more.

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