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Korean Website Testing

Korean Web site testing is a crucial quality control phase in the process of Korean Web site globalization. In order to effectively communicate to potential Korean customers, you must ensure your Web site is linguistically and culturally appropriate to them. In order to ensure your localized Korean Web site is fully functional and completely adapted to target users, a localization company must use experienced Korean Web site testers and follow a thorough test plan.

A localization company should use professional, native-speaking specialists to execute Korean Web site testing. With the goal of matching the performance of the Korean Web site to that of the source site, Korean Web site testers take the following aspects of the site into account during testing: browser compatibility, connection speeds, traffic, security, design, linking, translation accuracy, functionality, and more.

Translators and Web designers should work side-by-side with a company’s own expert users to track and solve issues before the Korean Web site is launched. Typical Web site testing phases include:

Korea Web Site Internationalization Testing

Before Korean Web site translation begins, Korean Web site testing professionals test the source language site for international support and localizability. Korean Web site internationalization testing saves time and money by exposing potential trouble areas early in the localization process.

Korea Web Site Localization Testing

After Korean Web site translation, testing specialists review the Korean Web site in context to check for any linguistic or cosmetic issues. Linguistic testing deals with all language-related issues of a localized Web site or Web application, including currency symbols, locale-specific text, and more. Cosmetic testing deals with all visual issues to ensure that the Korean characters display correctly under various browser and operating system scenarios.

Korea Web Site Functionality Validation or Testing

After your Korean Web site has been localized, tests are performed using a variety of platforms and test scripts to verify that your Web site works properly for your target users. Testing concerns at this phase include ensuring the Web site’s features/functionality work as they did in the original source language version of the site.

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