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Swedish Certified Translations

A Swedish certified translation is a written document that has been translated into Swedish to be used for official purposes; the certification constitutes a legal record attesting to the accuracy of the Swedish translation. Certified translations are most frequently required by governmental organizations and agencies, as well as legal and medical entities.

Translation certification is necessary in situations where it is critical that the translation did not in any way affect the original meaning of the source document. Documents that may require Swedish certified translation include: academic records, adoption papers, birth and death certificates, wills, customs and immigration documents, marriage and divorce certificates, legal contracts, medical records, financial records, real estate deeds, leases, and contracts, police records, and more.

When searching for a company that provides Swedish certified translations, be sure to learn what level of certification services they provide. Because any translation company or translator can claim to certify a translation, it is important to understand the different methods of certification, which are listed below.

    Some translation companies simply add a statement to the Swedish translation, which affirms the translated text is accurate and complete.
  • Others provide translation by a sworn translator, who has been authorized by their government to translate and notarize documents themselves.
  • For some translated materials, including divorce proceedings, you must have the translation certified by affidavit; the translator must declare in writing and on oath before a notary public that the translation is accurate and complete.
  • Swedish certified translation by apostille is required by government departments (such as the State Department or Foreign Ministry), in order to authenticate certain documents for use in Sweden.
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