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Swedish Technical Translations

Swedish technical translations must be executed by experienced translators with a thorough understanding of specific technical fields. Swedish technical translators carry the responsibility of communicating complex information with absolute precision, ensuring an accurate and concise rendering of the source content into Swedish.

Swedish technical translations are required by a wide variety of technical fields, including:

Science and Physics
Automotive Production
Information Technology

Each field makes unique demands on technical translators: not only must they use the appropriate terminology, they must also understand the basic concepts behind the procedures, science, laws or regulations as required by each technical translation project. Whether they are translating a scientific report, operation manual, patent application, or other technical information, they must translate the information using clear, understandable language.

Effective Swedish technical translators should be credentialed with certifications, accreditations, or advanced degrees as appropriate to the field for which they are translating. In addition to appropriate education, Swedish technical translators should have solid experience in the chosen technical subject area(s) and be equipped with the latest English-to-Swedish dictionaries.

Many technical translation projects are quite large, and therefore contain many instances of similar or identical phrases or terms. In order to ensure consistent, accurate, and efficient translations in such projects, Swedish technical translators should utilize translation memory (TM) tools such as Trados. In addition to the translation memories themselves, client-specific glossaries and terminology databases are key features which need to be leveraged when working on technical translation projects.

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