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Turkish Localization

Turkish Localization

You must become familiar with Turkish localization concepts if you wish to attract Turkish customers and clients. Turkish localization is the process of adapting the language, appearance, and functionality of a product or website for Turkey.

To ensure a positive reception of your software, website, and documentation, it is a good idea to work with a translation agency that has relevant experience in translating and localizing content into Turkish. Your localization company should utilize native Turkish teams of localization specialists who know how to anticipate and solve the myriad of potential Turkish localization issues.

Some examples of localization issues:

Turkish Localization: Web site Issues

Color scheme

Date, time, currency formats

E-commerce payments


Turkish Localization Requirements

Inoffensive colors for example

Change to standard Turkish formats

Enable various payment methods such as bank transfers

Turkish Localization: Software Issues


High user expectations


Turkish Localization Requirements

Translation memory tools help speed translation

Testers should be Turkish speakers

Turkish Localization: Documentation Issues

Text length

Printing Turkish fonts

Turkish Internationalization

Turkish Internationalization (I18n) is the process of enabling back-end technologies to function or support Turkish. In contrast, localization deals primarily with the front-end or linguistic and cosmetic aspects of a Turkish software application or website. This includes locale-specific content, cultural correctness, translations, and design.

Some of the reasons for internationalizing are to ensure your Turkish application or website:

    Sorts based on Turkish language rules.
  • Allows the externalization of all translatable text strings (i.e., separating text from code).
  • Handles the different address, time, date, and numerical formats used in Turkish.
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Turkish Translation Challenges

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Turkish Localization Requirements

Accommodate possible text expansion/contraction

Embed fonts in PDF file for printer