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Rise of the Content Marketing Platform

This week Curata published an excellent article on the emergence of the Content Marketing Platform (CMP). Curata explained how content marketing has evolved with the help of digital marketing and the need for a more thorough way to analyze content strategies.

Platforms for Salesforce Automation and Marketing Automation are widely used, but the development and use of Content Marketing Platforms is just beginning. Curata states that CMPs will build upon Marketing Automation and Salesforce Automation platforms to drive more impact across organizations.


CMPs are expected to help content marketers develop and execute an effective and efficient content marketing strategy by focusing on four main process areas:

  • Strategy
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Analytics

According to Curata, a CMP allows content marketers to:

  • Have a unified consolidated view of their entire content supply chain for ideation, to production to promotion.
  • Have top-down visibility on how their content is impacting lead generation and marketing pipeline, and sales pipeline and revenue generation.

Content Marketing Platforms will also be instrumental in helping companies evaluate multilingual content strategies. The new analysis technology will hopefully be able to determine which types of multilingual content perform best in certain regions for specific languages. This will allow marketers to better understand their global audiences and what types of content they desire.

To read more information about Content Marketing Platforms and what technologies are available, please see Curata’s full article: The Emergence of the Content Marketing Platform.

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