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Globalization Toolkit

Globalization Toolkit

This advanced globalization toolkit, developed in-house by GPI’s team of global software and website internationalization specialists, helps translators and engineers apply best practices in localization and internationalization workflows. This tool was developed for website and software globalization projects to help teams save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in engineering time.

Globalization Toolkit

Benefits of the globalization toolkit include:

Scan source code in any languages (ASP, JSP, PHP, c#, VB, HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.) and based on a predefined set of rules, will detect i18n issues including:

  • Embedded strings
  • Image references
  • Certain functions/methods in each programming language that are candidates to be reviewed for i18n (dates/time/number manipulations, string concatenation, etc.)
  • Other custom rules which can be added as a regular expression within the context of the language. That means you can actually scan certain rules just in HTML, others in JavaScript, etc

After scanning, the tool allows our engineers to list and manipulate all the results in a GUI environment, allowing for a variety of useful actions and reports including:

  • Global/partial search/replaces based on the results found
  • Externalize strings into resource files (automatically creating resource files and replacing strings with the exact method to retrieve them from resource files)
  • Instead of externalizing, you can also export scanned source code files for translation in Trados TTX format. All codes will be protected and only strings will be available for translation

Many other features such as pseudo-localization, image globalization and quick reports.

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