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Translation Tools

GPI utilizes seven primary technologies to help us deliver our comprehensive suite of globalization services to our clients.

Globalization Project Management Suite gpi_tools globalization project management suite

Globalization Project Management Suite

GPI has developed its own Globalization Project Management Suite® (GPMS). After almost two decades in the globalization services business and extensive experience using other such tools, we think our team has designed one of the most effective globalization project management platforms in the industry.

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Translation Portals gpi_tools translation portals

Translation Portal

GPI's Translation Portal is a fully customizable, internet-based communication and collaboration portal designed to give companies immediate, secure and global access to all of their translation, localization and internationalization project and team information.

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Globalization Toolkit gpi_tools globalization toolkit

Globalization Toolkit

This advanced toolkit developed in-house by GPI's team of global software and website internationalization specialists helps translators and engineers apply best practices in localization and internationalization workflows.

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Translation Memory Tools gpi_tools translation memory tools

Translation Memory Tools

Translation memory (TM) technology allows translation teams to store and reuse both source and target language content for any translation project. GPI's translation teams utilize translation memory tools in order to create and maintain multilingual glossaries and translation memories for our clients.

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Globalization Toolkit gpi_tools translation connector library

Translation Connector Library

Today many websites are powered by Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) and many enterprises author, store, and publish content from a central WCMS. GPI has extensive experience interfacing with a variety of WCMS platforms in order to help clients author and publish multilingual content destined for an array of target formats.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation

Leading organizations around the world, and from all major industries, are beginning to see the value in state-of-the-art neural machine translation (NMT). GPI NMT solutions, within the right context, can allow companies to complete translation projects in a fraction of time.

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Globalization Toolkit gpi_tools Artificial Intelligence and Language Services

Artificial Intelligence and Language Services

GPI is versed in the use of Generative AI for providing language translations both from a translation application standpoint and a project management application standpoint. Our in-house team of localization project managers, application developers, translation, and digital marketing specialists are continually prototyping these ever-advancing technologies and the accuracy and cost-effectiveness under various translation scenarios.

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To learn more, request a demo of any of GPI's translation tools.

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