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Daniela Bustamante

Managing Partner: Global Production Services

Daniela has over 20 years' experience in the trans...

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Ahmed Mossad El-Saba

Director: MENA Linguistic Services

Ahmed is a native Arabic speaker from Egypt, Cairo...

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Juan Fausd

Director: Language Technology Development

Juan Alejandro Fausd is a native Spanish speaker f...

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Rabab Malek

Director: Language Technology Development

Rabab is a native Arabic speaker from Cairo, Egypt...

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Marco Marino

Vice President, Worldwide Business Engagement

Marco was born and raised in San Diego, where he c...

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Lamiaa Mostafa

Director: Global Desktop Publishing and Design

Lamiaa is a native Arabic speaker originally from ...

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Vimal Panicker

Director: Global Business Development

Vimal Panicker is from Mumbai, India, and currentl...

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Martin Spethman

Managing Partner

Mr. Spethman has over thirty years of experience p...

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Shigeru Tsutsumi

Director: Asia/Pacific Linguistic Services

Shigeru Tsutsumi is a native Japanese speaker with...

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Natalie Williams

Director: Global Digital Marketing

Natalie was born and raised in Montana, where she ...