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Effectively Organizing your Link Building Campaigns

Organization can be a major difficulty when creating a link building campaign. There are a lot of tasks you have to keep track of in order to have an effective link strategy, like gathering contact information, sending messages, making phone calls, reading responses and providing content.

This blog will outline some tips and tools that can help you keep all of your link building tasks organized.

Spreadsheets and Google docs


Spreadsheets and Google docs will help make your campaign more efficient and effective. They will also help keep your team organized. You can easily share spreadsheets and check the status of each task.

Google docs allow you to keep link building activities listed, shared, and updated between teams. That way, when an email is sent, the rest of the team will know it has been sent and what the next step should be.

Here are some of the items to include in a link building spreadsheet:

  • Date Identified
  • URL
  • Email & Contact Information
  • Outreach Date
  • Response
  • Next Steps
  • Notes


BuzzStream has some great tools for prospecting and relationship nurturing.

This tool gives users the ability to add emails, social profiles, action items, etc. to each contact. Additionally, you can perform your outreach and relationship nurturing directly from the platform.

The BuzzMarker Chrome extension allows you to easily add websites, contacts and links to BuzzStream without leaving the site you are on.

But keep in mind if you are using the directories method in building backlinks BuzzStream may not be helpful because it crawls the URL/page you insert only, not the entire website, so it won’t detect if this backlink is linking to your website or not as the directory will generate a new URL for your backlink.

MOZ Open Site Explorer

You can use the MOZ Open Site Explorer to extract the new backlinks you have and you can also view your competitor’s links. This tool gives you the option to check and create your link profile.

Monthly reports are also available to view your latest earned backlinks, which will let you to organize your backlinks history and data.

Gmail Canned Responses

Writing a good outreach email can take a lot of time and effort. If you are using Gmail, you can simply create templates using the Canned Response feature which you can find in the Labs section. Each person can create their own personalized email templates.

Outlook also offers a way to create email templates.


One of the most challenging parts of link building is the outreach process. You need to work hard to find the right person, build the relationship, come up with the perfect email, and then it comes to the response. You wonder if they opened the email or not? Should you follow-up or resend?

YesWare is a Gmail add-on that lets you track email opens. You can track opens, set follow-up reminders, and it can even integrate with a number of CRMs including Salesforce, Highrise, Batchbook, and others.


Set reminders to alert you via email of important tasks like following up with something. That way you won’t miss it on a fast-paced day. You’ll have an email reminder there in your inbox.


Running an organized link building campaign is imperative to current and future success. Thankfully there are a lot of tools out there that can help you stay organized.

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