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About the Software Translation Project

ESi’s software development team and technical documentation group needed software translation and worked with Globalization Partners International to localize their highly technical web-enabled crisis information management system (CIMS) software WebEOC®, WebEOC®Mapper Professional and ESiWebFUSION™.

ESi-Adobe software translation

The project included user interface localization, testing and desktop publishing of user manuals and Online HELP into Spanish.


The localized application, associated manuals and online HELP were reviewed and approved by both ESi and their end clients based in Latin America. The documentation has been used successfully for training and deployment of emergency management applications. Localizing the application and documentation has allowed ESi to offer their suite of Crisis Information Management Applications to Spanish speaking locales worldwide.

By applying best practices for software translation and optimizing the English source user manual when desktop publishing in FM 10, GPI helped with creation and consistent application of character styles and defined paragraph tags, streamlining file naming conventions and graphics file management. These types of process improvements in regards to template creation will allow ESI future savings of up to 25% in total localization costs and a time savings of a minimum of two weeks of production time on any future localization and desktop publishing efforts on WebEOC, WebEOC Mapper Professional and ESiWebFUSION manuals in other languages.

GPI worked with RoboHelp®and applied best practices for creating single FrameMaker®to RoboHelp®output in English and Spanish. GPI was able to speed up turn-around times by providing samples for approval prior to the main production effort. Using the combination of FrameMaker®and RoboHelp®enabled a more stable and dependable process than using a stand-alone product would have achieved, as all changes other than the Help appearance and structure were kept in the primary FM files.

About ESi

ESi is a global leader in crisis information management technology. ESi pioneered the market with WebEOC®, the world’s first web-enabled emergency management communications system. Based in Augusta, GA, ESi connects crisis response teams and decision makers at national, state and local agencies, healthcare providers, airlines and corporations worldwide, providing access to real-time information for a common operating picture during an event or daily operations. ESi offers a range of software products that are used at federal agencies within the DOD, DOE, DHS, DHHS, EPA and NASA; 36 state-level agencies, plus Washington, D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands and over 500 county and municipal EOCs; hospitals; domestic and international airlines; public utilities; nuclear power facilities; universities and corporations worldwide.

Adobe® Technical Communication Suite 3.5 is a complete single-source authoring toolkit with multichannel, multidevice publishing capabilities. Develop standards-compliant content with Adobe®FrameMaker®10 software, publish in various formats with Adobe®RoboHelp®9 software and Adobe®Captivate®5.5 workflows, collaborate with reviewable PDF files, incorporate images using Adobe®Photoshop®CS5, and add demos and simulations using Adobe®Captivate®5.5.