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Globalization Partners International Brings Translation Services Connector as Application in Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace

Globalization Partners International Brings Translation Services Connector as Application in Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace

June 26, 2019 Eighty-five percent of online shoppers start their online purchase journeys at a marketplace whether they have a product in mind for purchase or not. Business buyers want the same level of ease and comparison. Globalization Partners International (GPI), a leading provider of document, software and website translation services, and Episerver (Optimizely), the company transforming digital experiences, have made it possible for companies who need to localize their websites or mobile applications into various languages to access GPI’s Episerver (Optimizely) Translation Connector via the beta program on the new Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace.

“GPI’s Episerver (Optimizely) Translation Connector enables users of Episerver (Optimizely)-based websites to launch and manage multi-language websites. The translation services connector streamlines content exports and imports allowing for the initiation of web content translation workflows with a single click,” according to Juan Alejandro Fausd, Director – Language Technology Development at GPI.

To be able to participate in the beta program for the Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace, GPI’s Translation Services Connector passed strict design, quality, verification, compliance and support standards to ensure impeccable integrations for purchasers seeking quick extensibility in the form of B2C-like shopping.

Benefits of the Episerver (Optimizely) translation connector include:

  • Seamless content translation capabilities all within the Episerver (Optimizely) desktop
  • Manage any number of language websites with a few clicks
  • Comprehensive reports to help track and manage global websites
  • Simplifies import/export process for content translation workflows
  • 24/7 secure access for global teams to GPI’s award-winning Translation Portal
  • Quotes, proposals and a wide range of project materials available for download
  • The connector is tested and verified by Episerver (Optimizely)

“Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace is mission critical for companies looking to customize their technology stack without the hassle or headaches associated with customization,” said Fredrik Tjärnberg, SVP of technology at Episerver (Optimizely). “While Episerver (Optimizely) is an end-to-end digital experience platform, our goal is to offer unparalleled accessibility to the best-of-breed software our customers want to use. To do this, Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace offers a select-and-succeed model so back-end logic and integration helps engineer show-stopping front-end experiences.”

As an app for Episerver (Optimizely) CMS, GPI’s Episerver (Optimizely) Translation Connector meets business demand for content localization while also tracking localization projects through a secure, 24/7 Translation Portal dashboard.

“Adding GPI’s Translation Services Connector for Episerver (Optimizely) as one of the first apps within the Episerver (Optimizely) App Marketplace speaks to the need for business users to have complete autonomy over what their software platforms do for them as an organization with hyper-specific needs another company, even in their own industry, may not have,” said Karen Chastain, senior director of global alliances at Episerver (Optimizely). “GPI’s Translation Services Connector is a tremendous value add to the Episerver (Optimizely) ecosystem and a powerful way to plug in localization and use it to go grow your business.”

Episerver (Optimizely) tests each new application or add on for functionality, security and user-interface; ongoing support is provided by Globalization Partners International. For more information about the app, visit

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