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Globalization Partners International Releases New Translation Services API

Globalization Partners International Releases New Translation Services API

WASHINGTON, DC – October 21, 2014: Globalization Partners International (GPI), a leading provider of document, software and website translation services, announced today the launch of their new Translation Services API for companies launching and managing multilingual websites, software, mobile applications or web content management systems.

“The GPI Translation Services API is a technology-agnostic platform, which enables companies from around the world to seamlessly integrate with GPI in providing professional translation services,” says Martin Spethman, Managing Partner, GPI. “The new API is capable of working with any type of website, software, mobile application or content management system regardless of a customer’s technology investments and enables easy access to GPI’s suite of translation services and tools including our award-winning Translation Services Portal.”

GPI Translation API benefits include:

  • Platform Independent: Any application installed on any device can consume the GPI service
  • Secure: Our services use API keys and authorization tokens to enforce security
  • Flexible: Easy to adapt to different translation workflows based on client needs
  • Communication: Is easy using web-enabled technologies and any programming language
  • Digital Assets: Able to handle standard text-based content and digital assets such as images, etc.
  • Documented: Quick Start Guide & comprehensive documentation available

“The GPI Translation API provides a flexible solution to manage a client’s translation workflows and makes it easy and secure for users to import and export content (all digital assets) for translation anytime, anywhere,” says Fotini Limes, Global Account Services Director, GPI. “GPI’s Translation Services API follows REST rules (Representational State Transfer) for platform-independent consumption from any device and any programming language. The GPI Translation API empowers developers with the ability to incorporate translation workflows directly into custom applications, whether you have a single page mobile application or a large-scale, web-based application.”

GPI offers Translation Services Connectors for the world’s leading Content Management Systems including Adobe Experience Manager, Ektron, Episerver and Sitecore in addition to its all-purpose, all platform Translation Services API. To learn more visit:

About Globalization Partners International (GPI)

Globalization Partners International, LLC provides document, software and website translation solutions in over 200 languages. GPI specializes in helping clients launch and manage multilingual websites, localize eLearning content, author and design multilingual documentation, deploy Translation Services Connectors, as well as provides global search engine marketing services. For more information please visit or

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