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Globalization Partners International Selected to Sponsor The Localization Institute’s New Global Digital Marketing and Localization Program

Globalization Partners International Selected to Sponsor The Localization Institute’s New Global Digital Marketing and Localization Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 12, 2015: Globalization Partners International (GPI), a leading provider of document, software and website translation services, announced today their sponsorship support for the world’s first Certification in Global Digital Marketing & Localization. This program comes with ‘Dual Credentials’ with a Certificate from University of North Carolina – Wilmington and Industry Certification from The Localization Institute. The online certification is one of the only programs that combines cutting edge global digital marketing strategies with localization.

“Combining the latest digital marketing tools and tactics with the requirements of content localization into a curriculum is a smart and valuable program for marketers across languages and locales,” says Martin Spethman, Managing Partner, GPI. “We are proud to be part of a program that helps digital marketing and localization professionals apply these skills globally ranging from search engine optimization to localizing digital media for different countries.”

The program covers a comprehensive range of digital marketing and localization topics including:

  • Global Digital Media Environment – Exploring Cultural, Legal and Logistical Issues
  • Global Social Media Usage & Localization – Insights from Around the World
  • Content Marketing Ideas – Storytelling & Blog Management
  • Global Search Engine Optimization – Leveraging Keywords
  • Enhancing Searchability of International Sites for Global Search Engines
  • Paid Search Marketing & Measurement – Key Strategies & Concepts
  • Standardizing or Localizing Digital Media – Strategic Insights
  • Culture & Global Digital Marketing – Avoiding Blunders related to Symbols, Colors and Values
  • Localization Workflow Management – Practical Insights for Efficiency Gains

“Over the years GPI has contributed to various academic programs and publications on translation, website localization and digital marketing topics through collaboration with various academic institutions, publications and globalization programs around the world,” says Federico Pascual, Global Digital Delivery Director, GPI. “GPI will be enrolling many of its digital marketing and project management staff in this new program as well as recommending it to clients involved in global digital marketing.”

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