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About the Project

CoveoThe Singita website localization project consisted of the translation of select website content, including the homepage, promotions, and lodges covering 15 Singita lodges worldwide.

GPI started the project with an initial review of the client’s Contentful headless CMS resulting in several requested customizations to GPI’s Contentful translation connector.

The customizations further enabled compatibility with the client’s unique content model and allowed seamless handling of circular content references and embedded entries in rich text fields, among other items.

A full pseudo-localization was completed to test the platform’s multilingual workflow capability, including exports and imports.


Localization Workflow for Singita Website Project

After confirming the platform localization readiness and workflow, the following steps were completed:
1. GPI selected and exported all required content for localization utilizing GPI’s Translation Connector for Contentful.
2. A full site content audit and word count analysis was performed. This allowed the team to determine section, page translation order and maximize repeat words and minimize costs. A detailed final quote was provided to Singita for review and approval.
3. A final kick-off call confirmed the client’s final directions on schedules, style, tone, and specific terminology.
4. The translation team created a glossary, which was reviewed and approved by the client.
5. After the glossary creation, the translation, editing, and proofreading commenced.
6. After the translations were completed, the final language files were easily imported back into the website via the GPI Translation Connector for Contentful.
7. The team then performed online QA ensuring all linguistic and formatting items were identified and corrected on the staging pages.
8. The resulting German pages were pushed live after the client’s final review and approval.



“GPI’s expert guidance, translation process, and support throughout the project, combined with the easy-to-use GPI Translation Connector interface, ensured a seamless and efficient translation of our webpages,” says Adrian Kaplan, Executive Head of Marketing. “The GPI connector saved time and facilitated an easy export of the text to be translated and then just as easy was the import back into the formatted webpages.”


About Singita

Singita is a conservation and ecotourism brand that has been helping to preserve Africa’s wildlife and wilderness for almost three decades, offering guests exceptional safari experiences at 15 luxury, award-winning lodges, and camps across four countries. In partnership with non-profit Funds and trusts that implement strategic conservation projects in each region, Singita’s 100-year purpose is to preserve and protect large parts of African wilderness for future generations.