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About the Global SEO Project

Surg+Restore, a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization needed global SEO to create a web presence that would allow it to promote its restorative surgery foundation and solicit donations from the public. They wanted a web content management system that was low-cost, easy to deploy and update, supported different languages and was easy for non-technical physician bloggers to update.

Surg+Restore Global SEO

Surg+Restore decided that only select content on the website would be available in three languages: Arabic, French and English. They decided the blogs would be initially authored and published in English only. They also wanted basic global SEO services to help the site’s “findability” by potential donors, doctors and people interested in their work.


“Launching a website that allows us to publish our nonprofit’s information across all devices has allowed us to keep our donors and constituencies up-to-date on our efforts in Africa and to attract potential donors,” says Dr. Scott Brown, President, Surg+Restore. “GPI’s comprehensive offering and guidance ensured we could easily update the site, leverage responsive web design, offer two methods to accept donations, and publish content in three languages.”

About the Client

Surg+Restore was granted official 501(c)3 status as a charitable non-profit organization in January 2013. Surg+Restore works in partnership with ReSurge/Africa, a non-profit foundation from the United Kingdom. Currently, 100% of our funds are directed to forming, financing, training and educating native Sierra Leonean medical personnel to maintain a sustainable Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burn Unit in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

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