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Translation Company Globalization Partners International announces sponsorship for Translators Without Borders

Translation Company Globalization Partners International announces sponsorship for Translators Without Borders

Globalization Partners International (GPI), a provider of comprehensive document, software and website translation services, announced today that they have pledged support to help humanitarian translations reach more people around the world by becoming a Silver Sponsor of Translators without Borders. Translators without Borders volunteers translate millions of words each year, focusing on three types of humanitarian translations: crisis translations needed urgently to inform people in crisis, translations that support an NGO’s operations, and translations that directly support people in need of educational and healthcare information into a variety of local languages such as Kiswahili and Amharic.

“After the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, Translators without Borders stepped up efforts to provide humanitarian translations to aid groups, not just to those working in Haiti butto NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, working across the globe,” says Lori Thicke, Co-Founder of Translators without Borders. “The financial support provided by sponsors is critical to sustaining and growing the organization, particularly in under-resourced languages where translation enables people in poor countries to access global knowledge in their own language.”

“Whether providing translation services into French Creole for Haiti or French for Mali, Africa, good communication is the foundation for problem solving, and translation enables communication,” says Martin Spethman, Managing Partner of Globalization Partners International. “We are happy to sponsor Translators without Borders in their global humanitarian efforts.”

According to UNICEF, more people die from a lack of knowledge than from diseases. People in poor countries are simply unable to access global knowledge in a language they understand. Mobile technology may be bringing this knowledge closer to the bottom three billion, but we still need to bridge the ‘language last mile’. Translators without Borders is delivering this much needed help by developing a scaleable training program so that more people will be able to access the knowledge they need in a language they understand.

About Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders is a US-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of Translators without Borders (initially founded in France in 1993 as Traducteurs sans frontières) is to translate knowledge for humanity. Translators without Borders has met that mission through quality humanitarian translations provided by a community of trained translators to vetted NGOs who focus on health, nutrition and education. The non-profit organization’s vision is to expand its open digital platform to help make knowledge more accessible worldwide through humanitarian translations. To learn more, visit

About Globalization Partners International (GPI)

Globalization Partners International, LLC provides document, software and website translation solutions in over 200 languages. GPI specializes in helping clients launch and manage multilingual websites, localize eLearning content, author and design multilingual documentation, deploy Translation Services Connectors, as well as provides global search engine marketing services. For more information please visit or

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