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Dina Mostafa

Dina is an Egyptian linguist who is a native Arabic speaker. She specializes in the language pair EnAR. After graduating from the Faculty of Arts, English Literature and Language department, Cairo University, she started off her translation career as a freelancer. Later she provided translation, editing and various linguistic services to an array of Egyptian localization agencies on a fulltime basis. She has held various positions including Senior Reviewer at Bayan Tech and Language Quality Lead at Midlocalize. In addition, Dina has translated a collection of books on simplified science, and considers her translation of “The Beginning of Infinity” by Dr. David Deutsch to be one of her most prominent works. Dina also acquired an Applied Linguistics diploma from the Faculty of Arts, and a Pre-School Special Education Professional Diploma from the faculty of Early Childhood Education, Cairo University. In her free time, Dina likes to travel, paint, sew, and garden.