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Content Marketing World 2015 is Almost Here!

The Content Marketing World conference brings about 3,000 marketers from around the world to the Cleveland Convention Center September 8th to the 11th.

I spoke with a marketing company owner recently at a networking event and I asked him how much of his business for clients is digital. He considered it and said 30%. I asked him how much they were doing five years ago. He said zero. He clearly understands that five years from now digital will be his business.

Digital marketing will be the overwhelming focus of CMW. In total, there will be 150+ sessions. The first day will be a day of workshops. Day two and three will be the main conference, followed by the fourth day with a selection of labs that mostly are focused on a particular industry, such as Financial, Travel/Tourism/Hospitality, Retail, and many others.


Highly Anticipated Sessions

Here are a few of the sessions that stand out me and I am most excited about.

Day 1

Day one is for workshops before the conference formally begins and are not part of the base registration fee.

Online Video: How to Win in the World’s Most Important Medium

YouTube and Facebook are having great success and video is a major reason. This workshop should generate much interest and it would be best to reserve your seat in advance of the conference.

Developing a Documented Content Marketing Strategy

This is a workshop that may not be as exciting as some of the others, but it may be among the most useful.

Day 2

Social SEO: Hacking the New Algorithms

Content marketing is all about driving new business to your company. Mastering SEO within the various leading social channels is an important component to getting visitors to your content. In addition to SEO success here in the USA, your global SEO needs should also be considered. I expect many of the tactics learned in this session will provide a good basis for a global SEO plan.

There are a few other sessions at the same time that also focus on SEO strategies. This session specifically looks at some channels beyond search engines which I think may be quite interesting. Although I am sure each will provide useful information that sparks new ideas for your SEO process.

High-Tech, High-Touch: Content Marketing in a Luxury World

This one interests me because we work with a number of luxury brands for products and hotel companies/properties for their localization needs. It seems that the luxury market pushes the envelope for global marketing before other industries do so. It will be nice to hear what these presenters are doing for the Four Seasons.

Localizing Content for a Global Audience: What Every Content Marketer Should Know*

I am glad to see a localization session at a content conference. This is actually one of a couple at the conference. This session will identify how translation is not localization. Many marketers new to globalization will seek only translation services to save money. Many translation companies actually do not effectively know how to truly localize your content and will only provide you translation and not educate their clients on what the difference is and how to best support them. A more complete process is needed for marketing content. Sarah Mitchell will go into detail on how to best localize your content.

Rust-Oleum’s Integrated Content Strategy Fuels Multi-Channel Execution

I always like to hear how a large company has found success in their processes. In this case study session I am very interested to learn about their road to multi-channel success.

Day 3

How Senior Marketers and CMOs Are Structuring Around Content Marketing

As content is king (there I finally said it this deep into the blog) it will be great to hear from this panel what they are doing or advising their clients to do. The panel is a mix of consultants and corporate marketers from various sized companies. The mix of perspectives should be enlightening.

Case Study Driving Perpetual Demand through Content*

‘Perpetual Demand’ is something I find as an interesting slant to the other sessions seeking to drive demand.

How to Enable Your Content with Marketing Technology*

There are now so many tools in the marketplace to help with managing content. This may be a good session to get a grasp of what is most useful to implement.

How to Hire, Train and Manage a Content Team

Technology is nice and having solid content is wonderful. But having a team to make the full plan work is crucial and cannot be overlooked and can be the difference in having okay results to having spectacular results.

Day 4

The last day is reserved for labs that are not part of the base registration fee. The schedule page provides a complete listing of the labs on Friday, as well a list of all of the sessions on each day:

The labs for the most part focus on industry verticals, so it would be good to review the listing and see if one is suitable for your needs.


I find in each of the content, web development and marketing conferences that localization of content is becoming more of a topic rather than an aside. CMO’s are responsible for their company’s global content and a complete workflow to support content in the USA and globally go hand in hand.

If you may be attending CMW 2015 please feel free to contact me if you wish to meet. I hope the conference is very beneficial for you.