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5 Safe Ways to Get Quality Links in a World Full of Penalties!

Link gaining is an important piece of digital marketing strategies. Having quality links can be very valuable in terms of search engine ranking, but having bad links can be detrimental to your website’s traffic.

When it comes to links, quality is much, much better than quantity.

Search engines, like Google, are constantly evolving their guidelines and practices to ensure they are delivering relevant, credible information to their searchers. So it can be challenging to safely build links and avoid penalties.

Earning links naturally by creating great content is always the preferred method. In this blog, I have listed five safe ways to obtain quality links and avoid Google’s penalties.

Guest Blogging

Writing trustworthy content as a guest blogger for a reliable site is a great way to receive links. But, you have to approach this technique with the main focus of writing useful information that your audiences want, and treat link gaining as an added bonus.

If you are submitting content to another site for the sole purpose of link building, your black hat method will quickly be detected and you will be penalized. Don’t put spammy content on sites just to receive links. It’s a bad practice, it’s probably not quality content and you won’t get away with it for too long.

But, if you contribute valuable information to other sites with the goal of sharing your knowledge, you will begin to build you or your brand’s reputation as a thought leader and source of credible information, and the quality links will being to come in.

Create Unique Infographics

There is some debate over whether creating infographics is still an effective method. However, many people would agree that infographics are important because they help build brand awareness.

Creating content in the form of infographics gives your audiences fast, easy to read information. It shows your creativity and knowledge of your industry and the infographics can become an excellent resource.

Make Use of Social Media

Creating unique content is a very important step, but you have to get that content to your audiences. Social media platforms can help you promote your content and your company.
When you have a post or article that you need to share on social media, the following approaches may be helpful.

  • Post links to your article on every related social network of which you are a member.
  • Post your link to relevant LinkedIn groups that you’re a member of.
  • Tweet the link to your article to your Twitter followers and add a relevant hashtag to reach a larger audience.
  • Create a Facebook post sharing your article.
  • Submit your posts to Reddit.
  • Submit your posts to StumbleUpon.
  • Submit your posts to
  • Send direct messages to people whom you mention or link to in your post
Ask For Links

Ask for links, but don’t beg for links. The most effective way of asking for links is by approaching people you already have a professional relationship with.

Grow and nurture these relationships and create a professional network that you can exchange content with. You will gain trust and respect from your industry peers, and your articles will get shared even more. Eventually, you may not even have to ask.

Grow Your Brand

You can build your brand by connecting with your audiences, speaking at conferences, getting press coverage, connecting with mentors, guest blogging and many other techniques. It takes time to build your brand, but the dedication to do so will pay off when you are highly regarded by your industry and customers.

Once you create a strong brand, quality links will come naturally.


If you follow these five safe techniques and continue to have the goal of creating relevant, credible content for your audiences you will earn many quality links and avoid Google’s penalties. Remember quality links are always better than the quantity of links you have and always keep your audiences your number one priority.