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New Online Translation Tool to Help Gather Medical Data

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What happens if a doctor needs important medical information from a patient, but that patient does not speak the same language as the doctor? This is a reality for many clinics and emergency rooms around the world. Fortunately there could be a solution to this problem.

“I felt that this was a problem that cried out for a computerized solution” stated Brian Stanton M.D., an Anesthesiologist who first created the new medical translation tool to address the language barrier in medical settings. offers free, automated, comprehensive medical questionnaires used globally by medical professionals to help diagnose patients.

LanguageMed can run on any browser and various devices. It can be used to obtain detailed data from the patient in their own language and then translates and summarizes the information so the staff can understand it.

Tanya Sokolsky, System Architect and Chief Developer for says this new tool “is useful for patients who speak the staff’s language as well! It helps ensure that all the important questions are asked and saves time for staff.”

Utilizing a computer to answer patient questionnaires has many benefits over written documents including translation, accessibility, consistency and providing a summary. It allows medical professionals to quickly get the important details they need to properly treat and diagnose patients.

As with all medical practices, time is a key factor.

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