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News: Will China’s Consumers Accept iPhone’s X’s Large Price Tag?

Will consumers in China flock to purchase the iPhone X when it arrives in Apple Stores in China on November 3rd? Analysts aren’t quite sure yet.

Apple’s iPhone X comes with a high price tag that may deter consumers. According to an article in  eMarketer, the iPhone X will cost Chinese customers RMB8,388, which is approximately $1,260. In the U.S., the device will start at $1,000.

apple users in china

Some analysts believe the high priced device will turn consumers away toward cheaper, but still high-end smartphones, while others believe Apple users in China will remain loyal to the brand no matter the price.

An interesting Penguin Intelligence survey cited in eMarketer’s article found that customers who planned to purchase a new iPhone were most interested in the iPhone X and least interested in the cheaper iPhone 8. The survey also found that users of Android devices were influenced by price in purchasing decisions and users of Apple devices were less swayed by price and based their purchasing decisions on things like functionality, security and design.

Apple has surprised naysayers in the past and may surprise people again with their iPhone X. Apple continues to persuade users to purchase the next generation of their devices, regardless of price, so we will see if this is the case once again with iPhone users in China.

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