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Why You Should Use A Consistent Translation Vendor

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Why You Should Use A Consistent Translation Vendor

Many companies are looking for opportunities to grow theirbusiness globally. Global expansion requires you to considerfactors like a target market’s business laws, localizing yourmarketing strategy and determining your translation needs. In thisblog, I will focus on the advantages of using the same translationvendor for creating all your multilingual content.

Over the years, I have come across various clients whouse different translation companies based on the price of aquotation or the deadline. However, there are some great benefitsto take advantage of by using the same translation company as apreferred translation partner, including:

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  • Quality. As we like to say, translationsare both an art and a science. Translation quality depends on acollaborative approach between the client and the translationcompany. Most translators specialize in different subject matterslike medical, technical or general. However, translators you haveused multiple times will also be familiar with your company’sbrand, style of writing, tone of voice, etc. Once you haveestablished this relationship with your translation teams, thequality of the translations will get better with each project asthe translators become more and more experienced with yourcontent.
  • Consistency and Cost. Any legitimatetranslation company maintains translation memories(TM). In simple words, translation memories save all your completedtranslations to leverage for future translation projects. Theseexisting TMs are referenced during the translation of new contentto ensure the translations are consistent and of high quality. TMsalso help you save money on your new requests. Translationcompanies use the TMs to find any repeated content and providediscounted prices on previously translated segments. Some companiesmay seem expensive initially however, as the TM grows, the coststarts to reduce while maintaining consistency and qualitystandards.
  • Timelines. Working with the same translationcompany helps establish a professional relationship between the twoparties. This relationship helps the translation companies meet thedesired deadline without compromising the quality of thetranslations. With the help of TMs and preferred translators, yourtranslation company can escalate the process when there is a rush.Of course, we should always set the deadlines per the bestpractices of localization and should never compromise quality tomeet a rushed deadline.

The above benefits highlight why companies should select atranslation partner to use for all their localization needs. Thegoal should always be to select a translation company that canguarantee high quality, consistent, culturally appropriate andcompelling multilingual content.