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Sitecore: What’s New for 2019

Sitecore is a global leader in digital experience management software and is constantly evolving. The question now is, what’s new in Sitecore for 2019? Certainly, there is not a complete answer for that question at this time of the year, but we can still mention some items from 2018 and what we can expect to see in 2019.

One of the main announcements that was made at Sitecore Symposium 2018 was Stylelabs acquisition. Earlier this year, Sitecore published a press release announcing the immediate availability of the Sitecore Plugin for Stylelabs DAM (Digital Asset Management). This is the first integration between both platforms and it enables users to combine web content and digital assets in marketing workflows, improving the efficiency and productivity of content producers. This plugin is compatible with Sitecore Experience Manager and Sitecore Experience Platform versions 8.2.7, 9.0.2 and 9.1 as well as Sitecore Experience Commerce version 9.0 update 2.

Another announcement at Sitecore Symposium 2018 was an entirely new content editing experience, which appears to combine Experience Editor and Content Editor.

Additionally, during Sitecore SYM 2018 there were many sessions about JSS (JavaScript Services), an SDK for JavaScript developers that enables you to build solutions combining Sitecore and modern JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks. The usage of JSS has grown considerably in the last year, so we expect more to come on this topic during 2019.

Finally, another item to mention is Cortex, which is Sitecore’s machine learning engine. It collects and processes huge amounts of data, enhancing the customer experience by providing personalization, automation and segmentation to marketing teams. This technology will have a large impact on how data is processed and used in Sitecore’s platform and will certainly be evolving during this year.

During Sitecore Symposium 2018, many new features and improvements to Sitecore were announced. We expect more to come in 2019, especially due to the impact that these new features will introduce, not only from developer and marketer perspectives, but also from customer perspectives.