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Arabic Website Translation Services Costs: What to Discuss with Your Translation Vendor

If you’re considering translating your website into Arabic, one of your top questions will most likely be: what will it cost? The answer is that the translation cost involves many factors. In this blog post, we’ll share some things to consider that will factor into the final Arabic website translation costs so you can prepare a budget.


But First, Don’t Choose the Company that Presents the Lowest Arabic Website Translation Pricing

Arabic Website Translation CostsThe most sincere advice we can provide is not to go with the cheapest option. A low bid usually equates to low quality, which is not the image you want to project, and in fact, it can have dire consequences on increasing your sales. As a result, you may have to have the website re-translated, which is an additional cost. Most importantly, if you launch a poor-quality website, you may have to create campaigns to correct the wrong mental image that was communicated to the target audience due to poor-quality translations.


Things to Discuss Regarding Arabic Website Translation Rates

We recommend discussing the following items with your translation vendor, as these will affect the English to Arabic translation rates.


Will You Use Machine or Human Translation?

Sometimes translating content by machine translation can be done as a first step, followed by a review by a translator. If you follow this process, it can significantly reduce costs, especially if you have many webpages.

Of course, we recommend human translation as the best choice, but we know that there are several things to consider, such as the type of material and the quality of content. Finally, we need to stress that the quality of machine translation into Arabic is not the anywhere near as accurate or fluid as that of European languages, given the nature of the Arabic language structure.


What Kind of Content Is on the Website?

The type of content is key in estimating and sourcing teams for website localization for Arabic. If the translated material is marketing material, it may incur one rate, and if it is highly technical, it may incur a different rate. For these different content types, make sure the intended translator or translation vendor has the qualifications or previous experience to provide a proper translation.


How Will You Update the Translated Webpages?

Arabic Website Translation CostWill the translation vendor post the Arabic translation to your website or will people within your company handle this job? You need to select who will post the final content on the website because this will affect the final cost.

If your website doesn’t support right-to-left (RTL) languages, you’ll need technical assistance from your translation vendor. In fact, languages ​​like Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian have a unique writing system, and your website may not support these languages.

If you post the pages yourself, you’ll still want someone to review the work to make sure the pages appear properly.


How Will You Transfer the Files?

Will the content management system (CMS) accept the translated files or do you need to email or obtain files from an ftp site? Using CMS tools makes it easy to transfer the translated content to the appropriate place on the website. However, if you need to handle the work manually, make sure that the translator or the translation provider can provide you with the necessary file format compatible with the target publishing destination.


How and Who Will Review the Final Content?

Last but not least, you need to identify the people who will review the final translated content on your website. Internal or knowledgeable people about your products/services should perform this work.


Arabic Website Translations Costs In Summary

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor to consider if you plan to translate your website into Arabic. To learn more about Arabic translations, we suggest reading Arabic Website Translation.

At GPI, we examine your website and its translatability into Arabic so that we can set you up to be successful and achieve your goals while providing a realistic cost for all the tasks associated with the translation. Finally, we have an experienced, specialized team to support RTL languages. Our team will also provide advice on resolving any problems related to this issue.


For a neat tool to help you assess Arabic translation costs for any type of project, please see our Quick Quote Calculator.