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Global Trade: Kenya and UAE Seal a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

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Kenya and UAE Sign a CEPAOn the 23rd of February, 2024, one of the largest markets in East Africa, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates inked a comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA).

This partnership agreement is meant to make trade processes easy, boost the confidence of potential investors seeking to invest in Kenya’s economy, advance digital trade, and strengthen cooperation between the private and public sectors, among other measures.

This deal will enable Kenya to export agricultural products and other raw materials, conduct business easily in the UAE, and facilitate outreach to Asian and Middle East markets.


Kenya-UAE CEPA: Boosting Trade and Investment for a Thriving Economy

The Kenya-UAE CEPA will increase economic growth and bring about more investment opportunities, fostering sustainable growth and innovation in Kenya’s key economic sectors such as technology, tourism, logistics, and Agriculture.


Bridging the Language Gap for Success

While the CEPA offers immense potential, navigating cross-border partnerships can be complex. Language barriers can often hinder effective communication and hinder businesses from fully capitalizing on these benefits.


This is where GPI comes in.

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  • Accurate translation of all your business documents, marketing materials, and contracts.
  • Culturally-appropriate communication that fosters trust and understanding with your Emirati partners.

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