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Canada’s Translation Bureau to Explore AI-Powered Solutions to Boost Productivity and Improve Translation Services

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Canada's Translation Bureau to Explore AI-Powered SolutionsThe Translation Bureau of Canada, a government-owned agency operating within the Public Service and Procurement group has supported the Canadian government to communicate with Canadians in its official, indigenous, and foreign languages through translation and interpretation services since its establishment in 1934.

Recently, the agency has been exploring ways to make its work more efficient to meet the increasing demand for translation services. As reported by Radio Canada on the 3rd of May, 2024, work at the Parliament is sometimes stalled due to the backlog of French and English translations due to the overwhelming demand.

According to the report by the CEO of the Bureau, Jean-François Lymburner when asked by Parliament, he said the reason for this is that while the office is operating at full capacity it is unable to meet the high demand, despite having more than a hundred dedicated translators for parliamentary work.

He further stated that the case for which he was summoned would take several years of translation effort to get done. In an effort to address the backlog and better meet translation demands, the Bureau is evaluating if the use of Artificial Intelligence can boost productivity and what measures need to be employed to ensure accurate and quality translation

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