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Swedish Medical Translations

Swedish Medical Translations

Swedish medical translations must be executed by highly skilled and experienced translators with a thorough understanding of specific medical fields. Swedish medical translations must provide an accurate rendering of the source content into Swedish, and must be adapted to the target Swedish reader, whether he/she is a doctor, patient, employee, student, or consumer.

Swedish Medical Translations

Swedish medical translations are required by a wide variety of medical fields, including:

Pharmaceuticals Dentistry
Biomedicine Medical Equipment
Diagnostics Public Health
Anesthesiology Environmental Health

Each field makes unique demands on medical translators: not only must they have a facility for the appropriate terminology, they must also understand the basic science behind the terms. Effective Swedish medical translators should be highly credentialed individuals with certifications, accreditation, or advanced degrees as appropriate to the field for which they are translating. They should have solid experience in the chosen medical subject area(s) and be equipped with the latest English-to-Swedish dictionaries.

Increasingly, medical translators are responsible for providing accurate documentation in Swedish and other languages to comply with international regulations for selling and distributing medical products.  Legal requirements governing labeling, product sheets, and health and medical advice mandate that translation teams adhere to strict quality control processes when completing their translations.

Should you require a Swedish medical translation, look for a translation company that recruits highly qualified, proven medical translators. Additionally, they should be equipped to supply notarization and consent of translations as needed and should have in place appropriate non-disclosure policies and practices.

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