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Martin Spethman

Mr. Spethman has over thirty years of experience providing documentation, software and website translation services. He graduated from Carroll College in Helena, Montana with a degree in Business Administration and began his career in 1985 with Worldwide Communications Corporation, a Tokyo-based developer of machine translation software and services. He served in both administrative and business development positions in their Chicago and Miami offices. In 1989 he founded MS Language & Technology, Inc., a Miami-based translation and desktop publishing agency. After three years of profitable operation serving over 140 clients including IBM, Walt Disney World, Marriott, and AT&T, the company was purchased by Chicago Multi-lingual Graphics (CML). After taking a sabbatical to write and publish two books, he returned to the translation services profession, and from 1994 - 2001 served in key executive management roles with localization agencies Welocalize, InterPro and Lazoski, Beninatto (later becoming Language Management International / Berlitz).

Throughout his career, Mr. Spethman has held numerous production and sales positions, including Project Manager, Operations Manager, Web Master, Account Executive, VP of Sales and Marketing and Managing Partner. He has established and managed translation offices in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. He has overseen hundreds of successful translation projects each year since 1987, ranging from large volume, multi-million word documentation sets to complex, high-profile websites for Fortune 1000 companies, SME’s, governments, global interactive agencies and nonprofits.

In his free time he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, dog training, traveling, reading, writing and no arithmetic.