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GPI Translation Services Connector for Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform based on PHP and MySQL technologies. It is available in three different versions:

  • Community Version (Free)
  • Enterprise Version (Paid)
  • Magento Go Version (Paid)

As with any custom website, Content Management System or eCommerce platform, having a multilingual component is essential, especially for eCommerce platforms like Magento, in order to promote products and increase sales in different markets outside your local one.

In this blog, I will go through the main steps for enabling Magento to handle multiple languages.

GPI Connector

Globalization Partners International’s (GPI) Translation Services Connector is a Magento extension that provides an easy and professional approach to localizing the dynamic Magento CMS content by exporting and importing back translation packages with a few clicks.

GPI Translation Services Connector is integrated into the CMS as an extension and deploys a user-friendly interface in order to facilitate the process of exporting, tracking and importing back translations.


GPI Magento Translation Services Connector Interface has three main sections:

1. Translation Packages: From this section you can create a new translation package that includes Magento Pages, Blocks, Categories or Products and also includes any number of target languages based on the ones enabled on the CMS.

Also from the Translation Packages section, you can modify the package before sending it to GPI, by clicking “modify package” in order to add or remove Translation Package Items.


Once the package is ready, you can simply click “update package” and the package is ready to be sent for translation. You can then click “request a quote” and the package will be transferred to GPI along with any notes you would like to add.

2. Quotes section: Once the quote is sent to GPI a new record will be added under the Quotes section where you can track the quotation process and also where you  can access your own secured account on the GPI Translation Portal to get more details about the package translation process.

3. Projects section: After the quote is approved, a new record will be added to the Projects section where you can track the translation process and can access the GPI Translation Portal. Once translation is done, the status will be changed to “Project Complete” and you can click to import back all the package items to the target language(s).


Magento Connector Configuration

GPI Magento Translation Services Connector for Magento has a simple, but robust configuration in order to provide CMS users a simple approach to configuring the extension with a maximum level of security. Each GPI client using the Magento Connector has a unique token that is easily added to the configuration section of the connector. Once the token is saved, the Magento Connector is ready to communicate with GPI Services in order to export and import back translation packages in a secure environment.

GPI Magento Connector Benefits
  • GPI’s Connector does not require a stand-alone database or integration with Magento database.
  • No security modifications or specific port numbers are required on the client side.
  • GPI’s Connector allows limiting access to the Connector based on Magento pre-defined groups such as Administrators and Editors.
  • No technical background needed during installation process.
  • Unlimited number of pages or subpages to be included for one project.
  • Unlimited number of target languages to be selected for one project.

As previously stated, it is important to have a multilingual component as part of your CMS or eCommerce platform, in order to attract customers to your products or services in the global market.  GPI makes this process simple by offering a Translation Services Connector that serves as a Magento extension to provide an easy and professional approach to localizing dynamic content.

Further Information on Multilingual CMS and Translation Resources

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