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Simplify and Streamline Translation Workflows with GPI HCL DXP Translation Services Connector

The GPI HCL DXP Translation Services Connector is a robust solution designed to optimize translation workflows within the HCL Digital Experience platform. This blog delves into the functionalities and features offered by the connector, empowering users to efficiently manage translation projects and streamline the localization process.


Flexible Export Methods – HCL DXP Translation Connector

Streamlined Integration and Seamless Functionality

The GPI HCL Connector seamlessly integrates with HCL DXP, delivering a cohesive user experience for translation workflows. As an embedded application within the HCL Content Editor UI, it empowers users to initiate translations, manage quotes, and import completed translations seamlessly, all within the platform itself.

By eliminating the requirement for manual content transfers, this integrated approach significantly enhances workflow efficiency. Conveniently, the connector can be downloaded from SoFy, providing users with easy access, and ensuring a streamlined experience.


Key Features for Effective Translation Workflows:

Content Translation Experience: The GPI HCL Connector offers a cohesive content translation experience within HCL DXP. Users can effortlessly initiate translations, manage quotes, and track project status, all from a centralized platform. This eliminates the need for switching between multiple tools, thereby streamlining the translation process.


Quote and Project Management: The connector streamlines quote and project management tasks, offering users a simplified and efficient experience. Users can effortlessly create new quote requests, submit content for quotation, and track the readiness of quotes within the connector. Additionally, the connector enables effective project tracking and provides functionality to mark projects as finished. The ability to manage multiple language sites seamlessly enhances project scalability.

Moreover, users will benefit from free access to GPI’s Translation Portal, a comprehensive and customizable communication and collaboration platform. This portal grants companies immediate, secure, and global access to all their translation information. It encompasses features such as quote management, project status reports, glossary management, and a secure client review and approval portal. Additionally, the Translation Portal offers fully customizable translation budgeting and spending reports, providing businesses with valuable insights into their translation investments.


Flexible Export Methods: The GPI Translation Services Connector provides two primary methods for exporting content. Bulk Export allows users to select entire libraries from HCL DXP for translation. On the other hand, Single Item Export enables the translation of specific items, optionally including their children. This flexibility caters to various translation requirements.


Customizable Workflows: The connector offers the capability to automate translation requests through custom workflows. This feature eliminates repetitive manual tasks by defining predefined actions for selected items. It facilitates collaboration between content creators, translators, and reviewers, optimizing efficiency and reducing human error.


Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboard: Gain real-time insights into translation projects through the GPI Translation Portal. The connector provides a comprehensive dashboard that offers status reports, schedules, and project task lists. Users can access quotes, proposals, and other project materials, enabling efficient project monitoring and reporting.

HCL DXP Translation Connector

Efficient Translation Delivery and Collaboration: The GPI Connector fosters efficient collaboration between stakeholders involved in the translation process. It provides a collaborative environment where content creators, translators, and reviewers can communicate, review translations, and maintain consistency in terminology and branding across languages. The automation capabilities streamline translation delivery, reducing turnaround time and ensuring accuracy.


Enhanced Control and Technical Insights: With the GPI Connector, users have enhanced control and visibility over the translation process. Project progress can be monitored, costs tracked, and detailed reports accessed for performance analysis. The connector empowers businesses with technical insights into translation projects, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of translation workflows.



The GPI HCL DXP Translation Services Connector is a powerful tool that streamlines translation workflows within the HCL Digital Experience platform. By seamlessly integrating with HCL DXP, it provides users with enhanced control, efficiency, and collaboration capabilities. Through flexible export methods, customizable workflows, and comprehensive reporting, businesses can optimize their translation processes and deliver multilingual content effectively.