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Duolingo’s AI Revolution: From Language Learning to Stock Market Success

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AI (artificial intelligence) is again making headlines, this time, for Duolingo, an online and mobile language learning platform creator. The company, which uses AI to create personalized language lessons to make them fun and engaging, experienced a jump in its Relative Strength (RS) Rating from 80 to 90 overnight last week.


Duolingo’s IPO Journey: A Roller Coaster Ride to the Top

Duolingo Learning Language App and AIDuolingo launched its IPO in mid-2021, and the ride has been a bit of a roller coaster. The RS rating bump shows that Duolingo is in the top 10% of stocks for price performance for the past year. Revenue growth for the company has been growing vigorously, with earnings last quarter at $151 million. They plan to announce their first quarter earnings on May 8th.

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