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Top 20 Most Requested Translations: English to Italian

Italian is an official language of Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Istria County (Croatia) and Slovene Istria (Slovenia). It is the third most widely spoken language in the European Union and the fourth most frequently taught foreign language in the world. It is also spoken in Albania, Malta, Monaco and in some minority groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the common language for the Roman Catholic hierarchy as well as the official language of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

When it comes to its linguistic roots, Italian is one of the Romance languages and is considered the closest to Latin. There are only 21 letters in the Italian alphabet and its vocabulary is shared with other languages including French, Catalan, Sardinian and Spanish.

From our research and experience translating English into Italian, we have compiled a list of the 20 most requested translations for English to Italian.

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Top 20 Requested Phrases:
English Italian
Hello Salve
Goodbye A presto
Merry Christmas Buon Natale
Happy Holidays Buone vacanze
Happy Birthday Buon compleanno
Happy New Year Felice Anno Nuovo
Congratulations Congratulazioni
What time is it? Che ora è?
Where is the bathroom? Dov’è la toilette?
My name is… Mi chiamo…
What is your name? Come ti chiami?
Peace Pace
Welcome Benvenuto
Thank you. Grazie.
You are welcome. Prego.
Where can I find a hospital? Dove si trova l’ospedale più vicino?
Where can I find a bank? Dove si trova la banca più vicina?
Where can I find a good restaurant? Dove posso trovare un buon ristorante?
Where can I find a taxi? Dove posso trovare un taxi?
Where can I find an airport? Dove si trova l’aeroporto più vicino?

There are other words that are commonly translated, like numbers and months, for content that includes things like dates and time.

Translations of 1 to 20:
One Uno
Two Due
Three Tre
Four Quattro
Five Cinque
Six Sei
Seven Sette
Eight Otto
Nine Nove
Ten Dieci
Eleven Undici
Twelve Dodici
Thirteen Tredici
Fourteen Quattordici
Fifteen Quindici
Sixteen Sedici
Seventeen Diciassette
Eighteen Diciotto
Nineteen Diciannove
Twenty Venti


Months of the year:
January Gennaio
February Febbraio
March Marzo
April Aprile
May Maggio
June Giugno
July Luglio
August Agosto
September Settembre
October Ottobre
November Novembre
December Dicembre

As our world continues to become more and more globalized, it’s important to determine which countries or regions present an opportunity for your business or brand to grow and thrive. Part of determining which areas to expand into is understanding the languages of your target audiences. By being aware of the most commonly requested phrases for translation, you begin to understand how to communicate with your potential customers.