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5 SEO Trends to Keep Up With

There are plenty of constantly evolving trends marketers have to stay on top of. Search engine optimization trends should be at the top of your list of trends to stay up with in order to be found by potential customers. The following are five of the top SEO trends we recommend following.

seo trends

1. Search is no longer bland and traditional

A lot of marketers believe that search is simply an audience typing a query into the search engine, but that’s no longer the case. People can now speak directly to Siri, Alexa or Cortana and use their own voice in their own words. Not only is this very exciting, but it’s also pushing the industry toward more market research to learn what their consumers really want.

Since people have more ways to perform a search, they’re using the feature more than ever before. It is a marketer’s job to find out how to influence search results on these new different platforms and formats.

2. HTTPS is necessary

HTTPSĀ (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), referred to as a secure protocol, protects a site’s connection through authentication and encryption. Google announcedĀ that HTTPS is a ranking signal and they haveĀ started indexing secure pages over unsecured pages.

3. The impact of user experience optimization (UEO)

User experience is one of the most crucial aspects for optimizing your website. Make sure that each part of your website is clear to your audiences, including an attractive design, clear and simple navigation, accessibility and fast page load times. In addition to those elements, create translated and culturally correct language versions for your audiences.

4. Marketers have to remember the long-term benefits of their search strategies

When marketers make search a priority, they sometimes only focus on short term goals and then spend money on tactics that won’t get them any closer to their overall goal. The most important thing to know about search is that its largest benefits aren’t always visible right away. Short term goals are a great start, but investments need to be made in long term content marketing strategies to create a base for your brand and audience.

5. The fundamentals behind search will guide marketers through these trends

While the formats of the content being created and how it is optimized will evolve, the fundamentals won’t. The biggest changes where observed in how the search is performed, from desktop computers to mobile phones to voice searches. But the core mission is still the same, create exceptional content. It is understandable that keeping up with SEO trends and actually executing its strategies is a tedious task. However, it is worth the effort. It helps brand building, generating leads, sales and opportunities. Starting with these trends and making SEO a priority will guarantee a head-start in the marketing competition.