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GPI’s Sitecore Website Localization Team

GPI’s website localization teams are dedicated to staying up to date on the newest features and enhancements of all the content management systems we have built custom translation services connectors for.

GPI has an experienced team of highly qualified translation project managers who have completed Sitecore’s Experience Manager training, backed by a team of GPI’s Sitecore certified developers.

Certified Project Managers

The localization project management team successfully completed Sitecore’s Web Experience Management 8.2 certification program.

This eLearning program is designed for content authors, marketers, users and designers who want to learn about Sitecore’s XP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 content editing features and how to preview and publish content to their website.

The topics in this course included:

  • Understanding Sitecore XP
  • Discovering the Launchpad
  • Using the Experience Editor
  • Employing the Content Editor
  • Managing Media
  • Working with Items in Workflow
  • Publishing in Sitecore

Certified Website Developers

Members of our website development team successfully completed the Sitecore 9.0 Certified Platform Developer certification.

This program teaches developers to build robust MVC solutions that integrate with the Sitecore 9.0 Content Management System. It covers creating a website’s structure and presentation, implementing search-driven components, publishing content, working with complex fields, reusing components and configuring and extending Sitecore.

Tested & Verified Sitecore Translation Connector

In 2018, Sitecore launched the TAP Tested and Verified Connector Program. This program is part of Sitecore’s commitment to excellence and dedication to providing good quality products and solutions for their users. Sitecore has requirements that a partner’s product or solution must meet in order to be considered a TAP Tested and Verified Connector.

In an effort to continue offering a quality connector to customers, we submitted our Sitecore Translation Services Connector to the TAP Tested and Verified Connector Program. Being a part of this program has been very productive for us, since we were able to improve our connector even more in terms of security and best practices for software development. Additionally, we took the opportunity to improve the connector across its robust feature set including the look and feel and the allowed configurations. One of the best improvements in terms of configuration is the option to specify if the connector should export related items when sending an item for translation.

As a result of the submission, we are happy to announce that GPI’s Translation Services Connector for Sitecore is now tested and verified by Sitecore.

To learn more about how our team provides website localization services for award winning Sitecore-based websites, please download our Atlantis, The Palm case study.