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Translation Services Quick Quote Calculator

Translation Pricing Calculator

From technical writers to marketing managers, website content authors to corporate training instructors, from time-to-time many professionals need a quick and accurate translation cost estimate. Whether a full website, short instruction manual and/or global SEO keyword list and campaigns, having translation costs and time estimates at your fingertips can really help in that next budget meeting.

While it is possible to submit source files and get translation costs based on actual word counts, a tool that allows you in real time to obtain translation costs by punching in a few key metrics is really a lifesaver when planning and justifying budgets before the content is actually written.

For 2021, Globalization Partners International has made available the latest, most comprehensive Translation Quick Quote Calculator (QQC) in the marketplace.


Translation Services Quote Calculator


With the option to first select your project type whether Document, Website, Audio/Video, Software or SEO,  GPI’s Translation Quick Quote Calculator (QQC) allows cost-conscience authors, marketers and instructors to provide basic metrics and receive a budgetary quote which includes tasks, timelines and costs per languages selected. There are even handy popups to guide you through the steps to get your translation quotes.

As we know translation costs involve more than just word counts. GPI’s Translation Quick Quote Calculator (QQC)  asks the key questions required to scope a project depending on project type (document, web, software, etc.…). Questions which may include, do you need desktop publishing, website online QA, what website content management system are you using, do you require SEO services, and more.

The translation QQC also breaks out the various tasks involved in a translation project and provides expandable illustrated details on what each task involves, and how long a task will take.

To get started just click on the link ( and select your project type.

    1. a) You will need a name, email, word count and start date
    1. b) If you have actual files, you can upload those as well and a word count will be calculated for you
    1. c) If you do not have a document, just punch in some key metrics like word count and languages to get started
    1. d) After answering a few more project specific question, such as do you need online quality assurance QA for a website project, or do you need your translated documents formatting(desktop published), a click of a button will get you your quote
    1. e) Quotes include all the tasks involved with detailed information on what each task includes, as well as a Summary of all the costs per languages selected
    1. f) Costs per word, per image and per hour are also available
    1. g) If you need to run into a budget meeting, just print or email yourself a copy of the quote with the push of a button


Translation Services Quick Quote Calculator


GPI’s Translation Quick Quote Calculator is a conservative budgetary tool to help see how much a translation project might cost. It uses standard average pricing. Actual quotes based on analysis of source files using translation memory and client specific volumes and requirements typically will achieve optimized pricing.

Also, schedules are always client-driven and can be adjusted based on client requirements.

To receive an actual quote, please submit source files via Request A Quote or contact us at to discuss your project and arrange to transfer source files.