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News: Twitter Provides Tips for Ramadan Holiday in its Latest Webinar

Twitter Shares Ramadan Tips

Article originally published on Arab News

With social media becoming more and more strewn about, it is important for brands to design their social media strategies intricately to be distinguished. In this regard, Twitter had some interesting and vital insights on how MENA brands can remain relevant and jump ahead of the marketing curve in Ramadan.

Studies show that there is more than 80% correlation between the cultural relevance of the brand and its investment in Twitter. In addition, there is more than 70% correlation between that relevance and the intent of audience purchase. This happens because Ramadan is a principal cultural moment and event of the year not just in the MENA region, but in the world as well. This enables brands to build cultural relevance by making use of that opportunity. Not only will it increase perception and favorability for the brand, but also sales and revenue are likely to experience an increase.

Consumers in key Arab countries, such as Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, and KSA spend more in Ramadan than they do at other times of the year. This is in addition to their willingness to scout new brands and buy them during the holy month. However, it is important to remember that in order to take the most advantage of this marketing strategy, it is important to start connecting with your audience a while before the month actually starts. This gives the brands a chance to build a longer connection over a longer period of time which will extend over to the holy month. Most of the time, the Ramadan vibes will start in the two weeks prior to the start of the month, and culminate on the first day and then continue. This can help brands build an audience or customer base before the month starts to guarantee higher sales and favorability.


To continue reading the full article, it was originally published in Arab News.