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Contentful and GPI’s Translation Services Connector

Contentful CMS

Contentful is a headless Content Management System (CMS). As it is headless, the main feature of this kind of CMS is that it separates the content from the way it will be presented to the user. This is why it is also called an API-First Content Platform because you can easily connect APIs with the platform to work together. The advantage of this is it is possible to integrate the content with unlimited types of software and websites.


GPI’s Contentful Translation Services Connector

Taking advantage of the easy way Contentful connects with APIs, we have created a connector that will help you effectively communicate with any customer or client by enabling you to have seamlessly your content available in any language, with just a few clicks.

Install GPI Contentful Translation Services Connector


Connect to the Translation Services

In order to connect to GPI’s translation services, you will need to authorize the GPI Translation Services Connector app to access your content.

Once you have authorized the GPI Translation Services Connector app, you will need to configure it to connect to our translation service.

Connect GPI Contenful Translation Services Connector

This is a one-time configuration that should be completed during the installation, after you complete it, you will be able to start sending GPI translation requests.


Manage Your Translation Workflow

Using our app, it is easy to manage your multilingual content. There are two ways to start translating: by sending content right after you finalized editing, or by creating a package of content to be translated.

For the first option, while you are editing, the connector provides a widget in the sidebar that allows you to specify the source and multiple target languages, and that is it. When you click on the “Send for Translation” button, we will receive the required translations in a matter of minutes.

GPI's New Translation Portal

If you need to send multiple requests, it is recommended to use the second method, that is by creating a package. To do this, access the connector’s dashboard (going to Apps > GPI Translation Services Connector) and click on the “New Request” button at the top right of the dashboard screen.

Create a Package on GPI Contentful Translation Connector

A pop-up will open and in just two steps you can send as many entries as you need in only one translation request.

You will first set up project information for the translation request. This includes a Title for reference, the source language (the current language of the copy), and the needed target languages (the languages the content needs to be translated to). You can also send us a comment if you want, or if any clarification is needed.

GPI's New Translation Portal

Once the project information has been completed, you will select all entries that you want to send us for translation, there is a filter that you can use to easily find the content.

GPI's New Translation Portal

After clicking on the “Send for Translation” button, we will start working on the translation process.

Once the translations are done, you will receive a notification that the content is ready to be imported; you only need to access the dashboard, locate the projects with the “Completed”  status, and click on the “Import” button.

GPI's New Translation Portal


Request a Contentful Translation Services Connector Demo

You can contact us to request a demonstration of the GPI Contentful Translation Services Connector and see live how this app works, and start using the most simple, powerful, and easy-to-use tool for managing your content in any language with Contentful.