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Neoperl Group AG’s Multilingual Journey: GPI’s Contentful Translation Solution

GPI's Contentful Translation ConnectorIn today’s globalized world, the importance of website translations cannot be overstated when it comes to successful international marketing campaigns. As the internet reaches every corner of the globe, digital marketing channels like websites and social media platforms have become essential drivers of business growth.

Translating your website content to cater to your target market can provide a competitive edge over your competitors. However, if you’re still manually copying and pasting content for translation, it’s time to discover how Neoperl Group AG leveraged its Content Management System (CMS) to simplify and expedite the translation process.


The Plan: Multilingual Website Translation with GPI’s Contentful Translation Connector

Neoperl Group AG, a forward-thinking company committed to enhancing user experiences, recognized the need to translate its website into multiple languages to better serve their diverse clientele. Their goal was to optimize the efficiency of their website translation workflow across various languages. After careful evaluation of available options, Neoperl decided to partner with GPI, a leading player in the translation industry.


The Solution: GPI’s Contentful Translation Connector for Localizing Websites

Neoperl’s choice to collaborate with GPI proved to be pivotal. Neoperl leveraged GPI’s Contentful Translation Connector, supported by a team of skilled language and technology professionals, to embark on the journey of localizing their corporate website. The Contentful Translation Connector offered an innovative solution, empowering website management teams to export and import content for translation with just a few clicks.


The Implementation: Streamlining Multi-Language Website Translation

This comprehensive translation initiative encompassed four primary languages: French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, enabling Neoperl to effectively communicate with their diverse international audience. GPI’s Translation Services Connector for Contentful was instrumental in launching and managing the multi-language websites. It streamlined content exports and imports, simplifying the web content translation workflows and enabling Neoperl to launch the language websites in a shorter timeframe achieving cost savings.


Key Benefits of GPI’s Contentful Translation Connector

  • Easy Integration: Seamless integration with Contentful, a headless content management system.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Simplifies the export/import process, saving valuable time and effort.
  • 24/7 Collaboration: Provides secure access for global teams to collaborate and track translation projects round the clock.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access quotes, proposals, and a wide range of project materials for download.
  • Dashboard Insights: Gain valuable insights through a dashboard that offers status reports, schedules, and project task lists.



Unlocking the full potential of your CMS through the integration of valuable plugins can result in significant time and cost savings, benefiting both your organization and your audience. Consider Neoperl’s successful translation of their entire website into four languages without manual effort as an example.

In a global marketplace, the ability to communicate effectively with your international audience is a game-changer. GPI’s Contentful Translation Connector empowers you to do just that, effortlessly bridging language barriers and opening up new horizons for your business. Embrace the power of seamless website translation and reach new heights in your digital marketing efforts.