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GPI’s Optimizely Translation Connector: Optimizing Your Multilingual Website Offerings

In the rapidly growing digital marketing world, we all are very aware that the principal tool that helps companies generate substantial revenue is their website. Digital marketers and developers across the world have been finding ways to create a website that stands out from their competitors with engaging content and creative designs.

Content Management Systems (CMS) can improve website performance by boosting audience traction, improving conversion rates, providing a seamless user experience, and increasing visitor engagement. Many companies also translate their websites into multiple languages which enables them to connect with global audiences and provide them with a better experience which also demonstrates the clients’ or brands’ commitment to inclusivity and diversity.


If you are looking to expand your global market, our initial recommendation is to select a CMS that empowers you to accomplish your goals without relying on technical expertise or dependence on your front-end developer.


Advantages of Optimizely Content Management System

GPI's Optimizely Translation ConnectorBased on our observations and hands-on experiences of working on hundreds of website localization projects, we find Optimizely Content Management System users express greater satisfaction compared to users of other CMS tools available in the market.


The benefits of Optimizely CMS are:

  • User Friendly: Optimizely is a very easy to use CMS platform that can be used by businesses of all sizes.
  • Flexibility: Optimizely is a very flexible CMS platform that can be used to create a diverse range of websites and applications.
  • Powerful Analytics Features: Optimizely has powerful analytic features that can help businesses track the performance of their websites and applications.
  • Cost Effective: Optimizely provides customized pricing plans to their clients based on specific requirements.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Direct integration with your CMS for multi-language and translation capabilities. The tools authorize the site administrators to define the website display language for users and create unique content by language code, device type, and user persona.


GPI’s Optimizely Translation Connector Benefits

Since we observed an increase in Optimizely users, GPI has developed an Optimizely Translations Connector that enables users to export and import their website content in a matter of a few mouse clicks.


The connector benefits include:

  • Easy integration with Optimizely (Episerver).
  • The connector simplifies the import/export process for content translation workflows.
  • Easy to Access: 24/7 secure access for your global teams to collaborate and track translation projects.
  • Quotes, proposals, and a wide range of project materials are available for download.
  • User-centric dashboard to view status reports, schedules, and project task lists.
  • Verified for the Optimizely (Episerver) App Marketplace.


While GPI continues advancing and employing its Translation Services Connector to integrate seamlessly with the latest version of Optimizely CMS, we have noticed that the Optimizely CMS itself continues to enhance its user experience particularly its localization capabilities mentioned below:

  • The new localization service API: The new localization service API is a major improvement. It provides a more flexible and powerful way to localize content, and it makes it easier to test localizations before they are deployed. The new API also supports custom localization providers, which allows you to localize content from different sources.
  • Support for embedded XML localization files: Embedded XML localization files are a new feature that allows you to localize your content without having to create separate XML files for each language. This can save you a lot of time and effort, improving the efficiency of managing your localization.
  • The new localization dashboard: The new localization dashboard is a centralized location for managing your localization. You can use the dashboard to view a list of all your localized content, track the progress, and test your localizations before they are deployed. The dashboard also provides several other features, such as the ability to generate localization reports and compare different localizations.
  • Improved support for internationalization: The improved support of Optimizely for internationalization makes it easier to develop websites and applications that can be used by global users. Some of the highlighted features include support for multiple date and time formats, currency symbols, and number formats.


Fortune 500 companies have benefited from the  Optimizely CMS and GPI’s Optimizely Verified Translation Connector for creating engaging multilingual content and attracting audiences from global markets in the most seamless manner by following the best practices of content management.

Therefore, if you are looking for solutions for your website optimization efforts, consider taking the initiative to book a meeting with Optimizely and GPI. We can help maximize your website’s performance and drive significant results for your business.