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GPI Partner Optimizely Releases Updated Language Manager with Version 5.3.0

Optimizely Language Manager v. 5.3.0.When one of our CMS partners updates their platform for multilingual support it gets our attention.

Optimizely has been very proactive in this regard and the latest release of Optimizely’s Language Manager v. 5.3.0 provides some nice advances.


Optimizely Language Manager v. 5.3.0: Key Updates and Features

One-Click Addition of Children Pages

In the latest Optimizely Language Manager users will be able to Add children pages with one click within a new dialog box, rather than needing to select each of the children pages individually to include them as part of a project.


Enhanced Related Content Options

The Add related content option now includes all the content in ContentArea and in ContentReference and XhtmlString. Among additional content included will be the content within the subpages if you choose to Add the children pages.


Simplified Content Publishing

If Auto Translate/Duplicate or the Add all children functions are chosen, a new dialog will appear, Publish added content, which will allow the user to publish the content or keep it as a draft.


Developer Customization Options

Additionally, Optimizely developers will have the flexibility to customize or remove the new capabilities with the IChildrenContentLoader interface which has been added to the 5.3.0 version.

For information about the Optimizely Language Manager 5.3.0 release, please visit this link: Optimizely Language Manager v. 5.3.0 Release Blog.


GPI’s Translation Services Connector for Optimizely

GPI Optimizely Translation ConnectorGPI, a leading translation agency, offers a Translation Services Connector designed for Optimizely users.

This tool facilitates the launch and management of multilingual websites with unprecedented ease:


Efficient Content Workflows

The Translation Services Connector streamlines content exports and reimports, simplifying web content translation workflows into a single click.


Project Management Tools

Clients benefit from GPI’s Translation Portal, empowering them to initiate new requests, manage projects, and access comprehensive project reports seamlessly.


Commitment to Multilingual Excellence

Globalization Partners International (GPI) remains committed to advancing technology solutions that enhance the multilingual capabilities of web CMS platforms. Join us as we empower partners and clients alike in their journey towards expansive, user-centric web experiences.

For more information, you can watch the GPI Optimizely Translation Services Connector Overview Video, and explore GPI’s Optimizely Translation Connector: Optimizing Your Multilingual Website Offerings.