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French Translation Companies

French Translation Companies

With the expanding global economy, the number of translation companies is constantly growing to meet the demand for translated materials. French translation companies are those which are equipped with the necessary people (translators) and tools (translation technology) to handle translation into French. If you need French translation services, take the time to learn about how your potential French translation company is equipped in these areas.

French Translation Companies

French Translators

While some French translation companies maintain an in-house team of native French speakers, some create a network of off-site translators who they employ on a per-project basis. Both models can result in successful translations, if the projects are coordinated and managed properly. In fact, drawing upon the skills of freelance French translators can allow a French translation company to match projects with translators who have relevant knowledge or experience.

Regardless of where the translators are located, the French translation company who employs them should require them to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Education: At least a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent degree, in their language.
  2. Accreditation: Available through an accrediting organization like the American Translators Association.
  3. Professional Development: Generally, more experience means more advanced skills.
  4. Technical Skills: Translation memory tools, perhaps desktop publishing applications.

French Translation Technology

French translation companies should incorporate translation memory (TM) tools (for example, Trados, Déjà Vu, or Catalyst) into their French translation workflow. Such tools assist translators in managing terminology and repurposing repeated text for added consistency and efficiency. Depending on the services they offer, your French translation company should possess the latest versions of applications for creating and/or editing software, documentation, online help, and websites.

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