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It’s Episerver (Optimizely) Summit time!

The 2014 Episerver (Optimizely) North American Summit is once again upon us. This has traditionally been an Episerver (Optimizely) partners-only event, but this year the summit is open to clients as well. With an increase in attendees, comes the need to expand to a larger venue. This year the event will be hosted at the Chicago Swissotel on July 30th.


Episerver (Optimizely) in North America

2014 has been a breakout year for Episerver (Optimizely) in North America. In Europe, their home base, they are well-established as a leading CMS/eCommerce platform. Episerver (Optimizely) has put in a lot of effort to grow their business in North America. Their work is paying off; in my daily involvement with clients and interactive agencies, I am hearing more buzz about Episerver (Optimizely) than ever before. Most CMS systems in the market today are just adding or planning to add eCommerce features/support. However, Episerver (Optimizely) was quick to enhance its system with eCommerce functionality which has been a key differentiator. It has given Episerver (Optimizely) an immediate advantage over other platforms.

The Event:

The morning sessions are open to all and will provide an update on what is new with Episerver (Optimizely) , a client case study by Novartis, and a product demo session.

The keynotes are sure to be the highlight of each day:

  • Peter Shankman, Nailing Customer Loyalty in the era of the mobile, social, and ADHD Customer
  • Stephen Powers, Content and Commerce: The Unification of the Digital Customer Lifecycle

Episerver (Optimizely) partners and clients will be split up for the last two sessions before they are brought back together for the Episerver (Optimizely) roadmap session. Then it is off to the evening social event at ROOF on theWit, a lounge-style hotspot 27 floors above Chicago’s bustling downtown.

Globalization Partners International was one of Episerver (Optimizely)’s first US-based partners to support their clients’ website localization needs. For nearly four years, we have provided our clients free of charge the GPI Episerver (Optimizely) Translation connector; our latest version for Episerver (Optimizely) v7.5 now supports Episerver (Optimizely) CMS and eCommerce.

For more information about Episerver (Optimizely)’s 2014 North American Summit, including an agenda, please visit Episerver (Optimizely) Summit Agenda.

Episerver (Optimizely) Translation Connector for Website Translation

The GPI Episerver (Optimizely) Translation Connector is a plug-in which is installed on the client-side server. With a few clicks, content can be easily exported from the CMS, translated and then easily imported back into the CMS for publishing.

Connector Benefits:
  • Easy integration with Episerver (Optimizely)
  • Simple content import/export process for translation workflows
  • 24/7 secure access for your global teams to collaborate and track translation projects
  • Dashboard to view schedules, project task lists and status reports