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#Dubai #Office: Twitter in the Middle East

The top social media platforms are buzzing about a tweet that just came out.

A Wall Street Journal article states that Shailesh Rao, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Latin America and Emerging Markets at Twitter, just announced, “Twitter is coming to Dubai.”


The popular social media platform, which was designed for users who like to say more with less words regarding news, updates and trends, finally announced Dubai as the location of their Middle East office.

Along with Dubai being the biggest media city in the MENA region, Twitter chose the location specifically because it’s a regional hub for many brands and advertising agencies.

Factors contributing to Twitter’s success in the MENA region are:

  • 30% of the region’s population between the ages of 15 and 29 years old are active on social media daily.
  • 88% of the region’s online population use social networking platforms, including twitter, daily.
  • 5.8 million Twitter users in the region as of March 2014, stated by the Arab Social Media Report.


Roa further states that the upcoming Dubai office is the latest move in Twitter’s efforts to reinforce their presence in the MENA region, adding:

“Our vision is to make Twitter relevant for everyone, everywhere. 77 percent of our monthly active users are outside of the US. Our expansion and decision to set up an office in Dubai is a natural step in being closer to our customers and partners, and provides a great opportunity for us to continue our growth. We will also continue to work with our ads partner Connect Ads in the region.”


This strategic move by Twitter could have a huge, immediate impact not only on the number of active users, but also for ad spending.  Although ad spending in the Middle East is not as high as other parts of the world, the creation of a regional office could begin to transform that trend, creating an exciting opportunity for companies looking to break into that market.

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