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When to Use a Magento Language Pack

If you are considering taking your Magento eCommerce store global, you may have seen that Magento language packs, or localization packs, are available in many languages. These can be useful for companies seeking a quick and inexpensive way to offer target market language capabilities within their eCommerce site.

Language Packs for Static Content Only

Magento language packs provide translation for static terms within the Magento eCommerce system, some charge a fee and others are free to download.

The packs provide translation for text in navigation, buttons or links, for example, ‘Click Here’, ‘Exit’, ‘Submit’, or ‘Buy’. The language packs can provide useful translation for your eStore.

The language packs allow visitors to navigate throughout your eStore and make a purchase. The translation is not typically vetted by Magento or any other entity outside of the person or company that created a specific language pack. Some language packs are created from a crowdsourced process.

If you do use a language pack, have qualified resources review the localized content before you launch it on your site. The translation may be fine, but as a professional business, you need to carefully review the content that will be representing your global eCommerce presence.

Translation of Product Descriptions and Dynamic Content

The language packs are not a tool to provide translation for your dynamic content or unique product content.

To have a fully localized site, you will need to export your source content and translate it. Globalization Partners International (GPI) provides clients free use of our Magento Translation Services Connector that simplifies the export and import process to a few mouse clicks.

Additional information regarding GPI’s Magento Translation Services Connector can be found here:

GPI_Magento Language Pack_2

The translation should be performed by a professional translator(s) that understands your products and industry terminology. A localized glossary should be developed to support your current and ongoing translation needs.

Where to get a Magento Language Pack

Language packs can be browsed and downloaded from the Magento website:

GPI_Magento Language Pack_3

Be sure to download the appropriate language pack for the Magento version and platform (Community, Enterprise or Cloud) you are using, in addition to language. Here is one example:

GPI_Magento Language Pack_1

This German language pack identifies the platform and versions it supports. The rating may also be useful, but always review the localized content before launching it on your site.

From the Magento administration section, users can install the language pack in order to have the localized version of the static strings for a target language.


To summarize, the Magento language packs can be useful, and often free, but should always be reviewed before using live on your site. The language packs are for static content and do not support your dynamic content or unique product content translation needs. It is recommended that the unique product and dynamic content be professionally translated. A Magento connector can simplify the translation process workflow.