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Translating Inbound Marketing Content: CTAs

Offering localized versions of your website for your global audiences to experience in their native language is a great content marketing strategy. But every component of those websites must be localized, from the images to the call-to-actions (CTAs), for the multiple markets and locales your company may do business in.

In this blog, I will discuss the importance of localizing your website’s CTAs.



A growing trend for inbound marketers, especially those using a marketing platform like HubSpot, is to offer potential customers visiting their company website useful content to inform, educate and guide them along the buyer’s journey. The marketer will use a CTA to request the visitor to provide information about themselves, like company name and email address, in exchange for the requested content. Pieces of content aimed at the later stages of the buyer’s journey, like whitepapers or case studies, will request more in depth information from the potential customer.

As you learn more about the needs of your leads, your sales team can reach out to them and be better prepared to assist them.

Localized CTAs

CTAs that are created for your source language site should be localized for your target language sites to generate global leads for your international sales teams. The primary cost of creating content occurs in the source language creation. Localization is not inexpensive, but it has a much lower cost and shorter timeframe to localize content that is already developed.

CTAs translated and localized for your target languages and locales will produce many more leads for your international offices than CTAs that are only in your company’s source language. Use colors, keywords, fonts and styles that will attract your global personas and be culturally correct and appropriate for their locales and languages.

When to Ask for Information

I have visited a number of company websites that prompt me to provide them my contact information before I have even read anything on their website. I suggest not asking for contact information before a visitor has requested a piece of content. I feel much better giving my contact details to a company I can learn a bit about and only asks me for my details after I request more information.

Create great content for your site to entice potential customers to want to know more. Once they request more information, then you can ask for a bit of information in exchange for content like an eBook, a video or a whitepaper.


As the saying goes, ‘content is king’. Relevant, informative and credible content will not only help with your Google rankings, but it will also cause visitors to value your company and offering. Using CTAs will help the potential customer get the content they require for their research, and the seller will gain valuable information to help educate and inform the lead.

As this is performed for your source language site it should not be skipped on your international sites. Localized CTAs will help you gain access to global prospects who are actively shopping for what you are offering and can help discover the details of exactly what they value and seek.

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Global Digital Marketing for multilingual websites or for content destined for specific locales (country + language + geography) is more than just translating keywords. Today companies should work with a combination of owned, earned and bought digital media in order to drive traffic to their localized or translated websites. Localization of any media requires in-country native speaking professionals to copy write and localize content in order to engage potential customers. Whether you work with a traditional digital marketing agency, or you are one, GPI’s global digital marketing team can serve as an extension of your in-house digital marketing department to help you deliver your message around the world.

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