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GPI Adds Email and Auto-Import Enhancements to HubSpot Translation Services Connector

GPI has added two new enhancements to its Translation Services Connector for HubSpot. The connector ( streamlines inbound marketing content translation workflows for HubSpot users enabling them to engage with new and existing customers in their language around the world.

The new GPI HubSpot Translation Services Connector features include:

gpi-hs connector feature-1

  • Email – the Translation Connector now supports HubSpot emails. Users can get emails easily translated in over 100 languages
  • Auto-Import – the Translation Connector can initiate on-demand imports for HubSpot content as translations become available without requiring users to log in and click a button

“The new email functionality expands a company’s ability to speak and engage directly with global audiences via email in any language,” says Natalie Williams, Global Digital Marketing Manager, GPI. “Translating and localizing your emails will help increase your open, click-through and conversion rates across your global marketing campaigns.”

Other HubSpot Translation Services Connector benefits include:
  • Easy access for HubSpot users at:
  • Simplified import/export process for content translation workflows
  • 24/7 secure access for your global teams to collaborate and track translation projects
  • Quotes, proposals and a wide range of project materials available for download
  • Dashboard to view status reports, schedules and project task lists
  • Services available in over 100 languages from Arabic to Spanish
  • Available and supported for FREE for HubSpot subscribers
Watch the GPI HubSpot Translation Services Connector Demo

“The Translation Services Connector enables users of HubSpot’s Marketing Automation Platform to easily send and receive a variety of inbound marketing content for translation,” says Fotini Limes, Director of Global Accounts, GPI. “The auto-import capability allows users to expedite translation and decreases the time it takes for localized content to be visible to website visitors.”