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News: One Typo in English Costs Millions in Sales

Proper translation quality assurance is the key to correct and consistent translations.  A basic label or document translation for instance should go through at least (4) four reviews in the process.


1) Base translator translatingEnglish to Japanese Translation

2) Second translator proofreading

3) Desktop Publishing laying copy out

4) Second DTP person reviewing for layout


You wonder how a typo can occur, but kudos to Sapporo for taking quality control in their labeling seriously and fixing the issue!  That shows a real dedication to their brand and fans!  I think I will toast them with a Sapporo 😊


“One typo in English costs millions in sales. This week, January 12th, the new beer was supposed to be released in Japan. But due to the misspelling of the word “Lager”, the company decided to cancel the beer release…”


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